Embrace complexity, unveil hidden relationships and create clarity for sustainable change.

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We help people to come together and co-creatively tackle complex problems

By combining Systems Thinking and Design, we serve to make change efforts more approachable, dialogic and impactful. We offer an engaging, interdisciplinary journey to collaboratively create a clear, actionable narrative for systems change.

Why embrace complexity?

The Global Leadership Survey, released by the World Economic Forum, named Complex Problem Solving as the most important skill of the 21st century. The unprecedented challenges of our time increase the scale and complexity of our actions. We face fundamental shifts, from digitalisation to, multidimensional and global, ecological, social, economical and political issues.
Conventional ways of problem solving do not account for complex problems: With a fragmented perspective, a lack of shared understanding and short-term focus we might fail to achieve the desired impact, or might even worsen the situation. It is time to develop a new thinking – for impactful action.

The Systemic Design approach

We take you on a co-creative and participatory journey, where we bring together the power of Systems Thinking, in unveiling complexity, and the strength of Human-Centered Design, in creating empathy, visualizing, synthesizing, and prototyping, which enables you to embrace complexity and to tackle wicked problems.

Our Systemic Design Process

Systems Thinking and Design doing in synergy.


Explore the system

The participants collect wishes and fears for the future and define a vision what a better systems could be. Thereby the teams build a common ground and understanding of the challenge and the obstacles.

Map the system

The different factors and elements of the systems are brainstormed. Connections and relationships are unveiled and feedback loops are discovered.

Identify leverage points

With the sopport of various frameworks leveage points are identified, discussed and evaluated.

Create system intervention

A How might we question is formulated and systems interventions are brainstormed.
The most valuable ideas for a system intervention get selected.


To make the ideas of system interventions tangible, prototypes are created.

Test / Quantitative modeling

The prototyped systems interventions gets tested with stakeholders and users. Alternativly the created system map is transfered in to a quantitative model in order to simulate system interventions.
“Systems thinking is a context for seeing wholes. It is a framework for seeing interrelationships rather than things, for seeing patterns of change rather than static snapshots”

(Peter Senge)

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Our Workshop Formats

Systems Primer Workshop

In this workshop you get an introduction into Systemic Design, starting with how we see the world, exploring relevant perspectives, and determining the critical elements, key actors and most common system dysfunctions. We integrate perspectives from different stakeholders and build a common understanding of the current system regarding your challenge. We uncover all relevant elements of the system and jointly create a systems map which visualizes relationships, causes and effects. Building on that we identify leverage points and design your system interventions and develop your individual narrative for change.

3h – 3 days


New ideas

Create system interventions tackling your challenge

System map

Design a coherent visual representation (Systems Map) on how to navigate change


Get shared understanding, between all stakeholders involved

Hands on

Get a introduction into Systemic Design and its potential and
a Hands-on Systemic Design experience

We envision a world where people are unafraid to make change that matters

The Systemic Design Group is a community-of-practice, founded in order to undertake the complex socio-technical issues we are facing. We seek to make Systems Thinking more approachable and Design Thinking more impactful, to co-create clarity in complexity. We embrace surprises and anomalies. We thrive to help shape the conditions for the emerging new.

Sebastian Wolf-Siebzehnrübl

Systemic Consultant

Fabian Gampp

Innovation Consultant & Designer

Virginie Gailing

Strategic Designer

Gian Wieck

Systems Thinker

Alec Eckert

Systems Thinker

Let's start to embrace complexity!

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