We help people to come together and
co-creatively tackle complex challenges

Our Services

By combining Systems Thinking and Design, we serve to make change efforts more approachable, dialogic and impactful. We offer an engaging, interdisciplinary journey to collaboratively create a clear, actionable narrative for systems change.

System Awareness

We bring people together to spark discussions about systems related topics, to learn new methodologies and to raise awareness about Systemic Design approaches.

System Literacy

We support you in gaining the capabilities you need to drive systems innovation, with our hands-on trainings around Systems Thinking and Systemic Design.

System Innovation Consulting

With our experts from System Dynamics, Organizational Transformation, and Design we accompany teams and organizations to navigate complexity.

Mapping complexity – Online Training

In this training, you will learn how to use system mapping and causal loop diagrams to frame and explore the challenge at hand. Furthermore, you will gain expertise in identifying leverage within a system and how to initiate positive change. The training is divided into three sessions, with theoretical inputs and lots of hands-on exercises.

Empathy Talks – Starting meaningful conversations and learn to listen

Empathy Talks are a pathway to creating micro-moments of connection and reflection on sticky issues of community concern. By gathering voices from the field and creating a mutual felt sense between humans, Empathy Talks aim to build capability and practices leading to system transformation – offering ways to feel heard and see each other, be more reflective, and change perspectives on issues impacting our livelihoods and futures.

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