Dear branch,

I picked you up on April 7th (2020)
Believing, you would last a week

As you were already disconnected
They cut you off your tree

Without inflow

I gave you water
Yet I could not substitute the stem

Nor the roots
Which connected and nourished you

I was surprised you were still alive
After one week

You grew on me
Yet, there is only so much stock for growth left in you

A small stock of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium
Yet you are

To a linear decay

I realized you were never to meet the seasons again
Go a full circle

You are designed to be regenerative
Now you are destined to never reblossom

Looking at you makes me wonder
How much inflow we may have already cut off

Fooling ourselves by looking at the outflow
Such as your generous, green leaves.

After one year the branch became a gentle reminder that we do not have to save the planet as it will save itself - ever generous and regenerative.

The branch was put back into the ground. Nitrogen, phospherus and potassium now have a chance to help prosper, regenerate and eventually re-cycle.

Can you think of other examples where we see outflow, because of the stock created, yet where there is no more inflow? Where we are already disconnected. Or where we live the illusion of if we stopped the inflow now, such as CO2 emissions, we will be fine, over time? Will we? Drop us a line:

Sebastian Wolf Siebzehnrübl

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Video_Donut für Unternehmen, eine Kurzpräsentation

Video_Fridays For Future Ein Aufruf an die Friday´s: Packt eure Heizkostenabrechnung raus und macht mit, die reale CO2-Belastung zu ermitteln, von Georg Wagener-Lohse (gesprochen von Sebastian Wolf Siebzehnrübl)


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